Inductively heated clothing



There is a saying, that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes :) So, here is an invention from a patent by Michael J. Bourke, Brian L. Clothier, that tries to fix it:

Induction heatable clothing items such as footwear and apparel are provided which include a clothing body having an induction heatable element and preferably having heat retentive material containing phase change material, wherein the element is operable to be heated when subjected to an alternating magnetic field. The clothing items are heated using induction heaters. In preferred forms, wireless temperature sensing is used to control heating of the items. To this end, the heating elements may be provided with RFID tag/temperature sensor assemblies, and the induction heaters are equipped with correlated RFID reader/writer devices. Alternately, microwire temperature sensors may be used with the induction heaters having microwire detectors. In other embodiments, temperature monitoring is achieved using impedance detection feedback control.


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While good for cold climate zones, it is not suitable for hot climate zones. It could be, if we used induced electricity with Peltier thermoelectric cooling elements though.