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Election by animals


Dogs are often better judges of character than most people


You can tell a lot about a someone by how dogs react to them. Whether the reaction is loving acceptance, fearful cowering, or snarling attacks - their instincts are usually pretty good.

I wouldn’t vote for a candidate who even dogs couldn’t like*. So even if the election can’t entirely decided by dogs, every presidential debate should include some dogs on the moderator panel.

  • A recent NY Times article about Joe Biden’s dogs mentioned that the former guy was the first prez in over a century who *didn’t* have any pets. Put whatever construction you like on that, but I think it was equal parts that he could never care about anyone but himself - and that most dogs would turn on him even if he was handing out bacon.

I'm resharing this here, because it's trans-species inclusive way to do politics, it's funny and makes sense, if you think about it.

Credits: a1 of HalfBakery.


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// 疑问:狗是通过什么感受器来判断的? //

Right, so, what human features are dogs sensitive to, and how to extract those features? Now, you're talking of how AI could replace dogs...

    : Mindey
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Funny~ The dog is very cute, so I don’t care if you don’t like it. Question: What receptors do dogs use to judge? Can electronic receptors be used instead?

有趣〜狗很可爱,不喜欢就不搭理你。 疑问:狗是通过什么感受器来判断的?可不可以用电子感受器来代替?

    : Mindey
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