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Online Busking Boxes



People can click to donate directly to artists they want to support, on the artist's own pages, without having to visit a third party website.

Artists of all kinds (visual, musical, theatre, writers, comedians, film-makers, architects, whatever) can sign up to have a "Support Me" type button on their own websites and/or online profiles (youtube videos / blogs / fan pages / Vimeo / Facebook / MySpace, music streaming sites, other profiles/pages etc.). People who like their work can click on the support button to easily give money to the artist to support them.

It would transfer money using a system like Paypal (maybe Paypal itself) directly from the supporter's bank or paypal account.

At least 95 - 99 % of the support money would go directly to the artist.


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[Cabria], does this look like 'Busker'?

[Cabria], does this look like 'Busker'?

[Ruta] Yes, the effortlessness is a problem. Also, having to go through websites is an efficiency and interruption problem.

And for artists to have to sign up to and conform to pre-designed websites is band-wagony, which, by their very creative nature, a lot of artists might not like very much. It's filling a need but not in an optimal way.

With a direct donation button, that was attractive and pleasant to use (i.e. quick, no fuss, maybe with a little sparkle or something gratifying), people would be more likely to support.

I think the 'busking button' could also become a movement of artistic independence. Artists might be encouraged to allow people to donate to them directly and minus the need to contribute material to a contrived third part website. They'd have the freedom to do things their own way in their own online space, while also inviting people to be free to donate to them.

If it worked out, artists could maybe add a little 'thank you' note, either by an image/text/jingle/video, depending on their preferences. They could also add goals to their blog for projects they want to realise, which could then further encourage donations.

But if Paypal is already on it [Mindey] ... Probably best to leave it to them. Unless there are lots of people that would prefer to use something other than Paypal.

Some market research could be good here. Any artists on here, leave your thoughts as to whether you'd prefer paypal or something different and if different, what would you like different about it? {.5}


PayPal is already providing the option for own websites/blogs to create such a button.

User experience could be more effortless.. When it comes to donations, if I like something, whether it would be a charity cause or a tip that I want to leave for a creator, I don't want to close one window, go to the next, sign in, type in details,.. I just want to give. :)

currently, one working way for video creators to profit is to sell ads on YouTube channel.

Adds are interrupting the single experience that viewers have when they consume art. It'd be nice to contribute to artists without friction.


[Niamh], I like the idea, it replicates the real world behaviour of people (ie. artists playing on the street in various locations in town and people giving tips). It'd be nice to have the same behaviour online. No matter on what platform or website a creator is, people can still leave a tip without effort.

[Niamh], PayPal is already providing the option for own websites/blogs to create such a button.

The YouTube/Vimeo videos and fan pages there are under control by Google Inc., and Vimeo LLC. Google has its own payment services, like Google Wallet, but it seems that it had not integrated them to YouTube. The first step in making these changes on YouTube or Vimeo, is to find the decision-makers for these platforms, e.g., regarding YouTube, the CEO Susan Wojcicki, and Kerry Trainor on Vimeo. It is usually easiest for companies to introduce a feature, if it well thought-out by an internal developer, who knows the system inside-out, and knows how it would all integrate, much time it might require to deploy and support it.

Btw., currently, one working way for video creators to profit is to sell ads on YouTube channel.

[ruta], [Luke]