National Online Guidebook for Business



Each participating country has its own guidebook on starting and running business there, with a unifying website.

It would be like a travelguide collection for businesses and entrepreneurs. - Think Lonely Planet for business.

Open source, peer-built, checked by legal experts.

Each book or 'country section' on the website would have sections on Banking, Tax, HR (wage guides, employment laws and so on), Demographic data, specialties of the nation (e.g. a country that specialises in ecological conservation and solar power / dairy farming / chocolate / genetic research / forestry / medical technology / pharmaceuticals / systems engineering / etc. / whatever), geography, currencies, education, tips, advice from established local businesses etc. The book would be reviewed and updated annually or whenever there's a big change in relevant policy etc. The book would be available as an e-book and possibly also in print (or maybe on an 'order to print' basis).

The website would be a unifying platform where countries can interact and be compared to help choose business locations. It would also include facts and figures, as well as 'how to' guides (e.g. 'how to apply for income tax in this country' / 'what you need to incorporate here' / 'how to get seed funding in this country'). There could also be an 'ask to answer' function allowing people to directly approach people in the know with specific questions.

A main point here is that it should all be really easy to understand / follow (like the 'For Dummies' books), easy to navigate and easy to read. There should also be an emphasis on efficiency - instead of reams of rambling information, present it all in a very to-the-point manner (except if, say, an ask-to-answer asked specifically about personal experience or a story about something). So any videos should be to-the-point and straight-forward, not elaborate and full of catchy songs and things. Think functional, pleasant, pragmatic and minimalist.


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[Cabria], :) When I was going through that stuff myself, it was a pain! And usually these topics (company registration and taxes, etc.) are not covered at startup accelerators. Everyone and anyone needs more clarity on that.

[ruta] yes! Exactly! You get it now :) That stuff, yes, and then the country specific things as well - how those things change according to where in the world you're based/basing.

> it's for people who are actually setting up real businesses and need to find information quickly, easily and in a manner that makes it easy to understand

[Cabria], ah, got it! Yes, the first thing I had in mind was about how to set a startup business which is focused on a web-based product. That's a different problem and idea indeed.

I agree, there's a massive pain point around understanding how to register a company, write a biz plan, find an accountant, register for taxes, get some funding, and other things that anyone who's turning their project into an actual company [in any country], needs to do!

[ruta] Thanks. I'm glad you like the idea.

Yeah, it could be used by students as well. But really it's for people who are actually setting up real businesses and need to find information quickly, easily and in a manner that makes it easy to understand. Sure, some students will also be actually setting up real businesses but I wouldn't over-focus on this. Maybe there could be another goal focused on how to bring practical entrepreneurial / business opportunity and learning to students. Suggest new 'Goal'/'Problem' on Infinity for this. (We can share hyperequity - I'll take less as it's more your interest.)

I wouldn't limit it to online either. That seems pointless, as things work a little differently when run entirely online. Also, a lot of businesses relocate or specifically choose to locate in a specific country for reasons other than tax breaks etc. E.g. as I mentioned, geographical data particular to different countries being useful for choosing a place to set up. Like, you're not going to set up a surfing school business online (well, you could but it wouldn't be very hands-on and the teaching would be very limited, only videos and things like that :-/ ) or in, say, Austria. (Again, you possibly could, if there's such a thing as lake surfing but again business would be limited.) I think there's an over-focus on digital / online business nowadays. Yes, it's booming etc but we shouldn't neglect face-to-face and other business models. One of the problems of our time is and will be lack of proximate and physical contact between people. We should avoid exacerbating that.

I think I'll try to build a basic website for this. And if people want to join in, brilliant. I'll link when I have something for ye. Meantime, if anyone else wants to begin, go for it. {1}


_> Lonely Planet for business. Really easy to understand / follow (like the 'For Dummies' books), easy to navigate and easy to read. _

  • Nice idea. It'd be very handy tool even for school projects. More students start to think about entrepreneurship as a career path, the problem is -- where do I start?

A specific project for this idea could be a website that explains the best practices of how to set up an online business step by step?

[iulia-link], you might like this idea! It relates to the problem you posted on how to enable people to earn more money. :)