Anonymous Messenger Designed for Coaching



A messenger for digital coaching that doesn't track message history and lets users register anonymously.

It'd be nice to have a website where people can browse a list of coaches, buy a coaching service anonymously and be able not track IM conversations with a coach (coaching session involves personal questions that we want to keep private).


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But you know, I would rather call it "strategic partnerships" or "knowledge exchange" or "consensual mutual supervision", or something else.

A "coach" associates with "trainer", and training associates which Pavlovian conditioning, which is a lower order mental activity than reasoning.

Look what smart people say about learning -- "stop learning, and start thinking" (TED, Jacob Barnett).

Thinking together -- that's what I would call it.

Could easily be done by an AI bot in existing secure meessengers, which you friend when you need debugging yourself. You could start from a rule-based system with a set of questions, and end up with something more advanced like a Bayesian net or a probabilistic program, enhanced with deep neural nets...