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Structured Internet Client


Like browser, but structured, based on high level protocols?


For all intents and purposes, browser can be thought of as "Unstructured Internet Client", because it can render arbitrary UI interact with arbitrary backends. However, the Internet data is getting increasingly structured. This can be seen in the shift of paradigm from creating custom HTML pages to creating public APIs as the main entry point to what application has to offer.

The idea of structured internet client, is thus a client, that defines protocols for ranges of similar apps.

An example of a structured multi-protocol client, is Trillian, a multi-protocol messenger. However, it is not only chat that has the need for very similar UI. For example, E-mail had same UI, regardless if POP or IMAP protocol was used. Also, there are many other things that are similar, like: shopping, video viewing, forums, etc., that today have hundreds of unique apps, that rely on their APIs, but coherent open-source UIs could be developed to allow the display and interact with such common content.

If a general purpose client for Internet's structured data is created, then everyone's day-to-day work may be simplified.


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Asynchronous IO could make a structured internet client feel very snappy because you can make IO requests in parallel.

Simplest example I have found that uses lib uring and is here

We want to avoid what has happened to XMPP - which is a committee which adds any old stuff into the protocol making it impossible to implement simply. Because it's not simple.

Making protocols simple is the goal. I have an epollserver which is useful for building text based protocols in C:

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// and working on such an idea for more than 5 years now

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I agree, and working on such an idea for more than 5 years now. And could explain my ideas. Let us connect.

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