Code of Conduct



Define a code of conduct to avoid assumptions and provide clear and direct help

A constructive and open to diversity community requires a code of conduct for many reasons. One is that each culture and class has different assumptions that are not obvious to other cultures and classes on first contact. In one culture a touch on the shoulder may be OK while in another it is seen as unwelcome contact.

Good primer on why a conference needs a code of conduct;

So does an online text chat community.


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[paulmwatson], when we are writing ideas in public, we expect something new, see our guidelines on help:

// Ideas [Solutions] - think like a halfbaker, nothing is impossible! Be speculative! //

The ideas section is for innovation around problems.

Yes, codes of conduct can be a solution mitigating intercultural misunderstanding (and thus, facilitating diversity), though they are widely known to exist, so, it's not a conceptually new thing.

[paulmwatson], good idea. Who should determine the community guidelines though, a community leader or community itself?

The deeper problem of why communities need code of conducts is a lack of empathy, understanding of communication among people and a lack of critical thinking skills. People acquire all of this.. by interacting with other people.