Problems: Self actualization.

Verified skill/accomplishment database


CVs are terrible at proving what you've built or accomplished - employers don't even study them properly


What if we had a chain of skills and accomplishments that follow us throughout life and are cryptographically verified by a skill verification agency.

Think of people are verbs rather than nouns. Having experience with Kubernetes means nothing if you don't explain what you actually accomplished through Kubernetes.


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Indeed, track record databases could replace CVs, or rather, literally, write CVs automatically, and it is happening in coding and truck driving, and other areas already.

However, there are all types of skills. For example, someone who has experience scuba-diving, now will not be able to go scuba-diving without a smart-watch tracking him or her, or it won't count as activity. However, someone who has a lot of experience in it, could prove the skill really quickly just by doing it once again, and without track record. So, a more relevant thing can be an on-line proving ground... And people already have such things, for example, there are testing services of all kind of skills.

For example, you can easily take an exam to prove that you're in possession of knowledge to be an actuary, and those tests are qualifying (i.e., verification level), and those proofs are actually stored in databases, maybe even cryptographically signed, maybe already in blockchain.

So, I think, what you are proposing is already happening, just not at the scale or momentum that you'd like to.