Problems: Autonomous agents.

Autonomous computer systems


Plug a hard drive or a server into a cluster and it is assimilated automatically


With my storage devices, I have to decide what to store on each one individually. Hard drive cluster in synalogy, internal hard drives and USB key and external hard drive. It is difficult and more effort to treat them like a contiguous block of storage. Like If I want to do that, I have to set up ZFS and that only helps me if the storage devices are on the same machine! It doesn't help if the storage devices are spread over my network.

Same with servers, we typically have to write ansible and then provision the server after we bring it up.

With autonomous computer systems, we could "log" the server into a cluster and the cluster can assign and schedule work to that server automatically. Kubernetes is halfway there, it doesn't really do what I want it to.

I want to be able to login a server and have the work assigned to the server automatically - that work could be a web server in a server farm or a database storage server or load balancer. Rarely do servers PULL configuration from somewhere, we tend to PUSH configuration to the server.

The server itself should be autonomous. If I decide that my servers should be a ratio of load balancers, to servers to database servers, the server should decide what to be at bootup time. In AWS i could write an advanced user data script to do the above but it would be very brittle.

The server example should be implemented as a login screen that asks for a cluster address. After "logging" into the cluster, deployments are seamless and happen automatically.


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