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The idea that any record in any database could have a "url" to any other record in any other database ("Internet of Data") may be useful in many situations, including the creation of semantic web. Given a good popular data browser, many would probably care to open their databases for public access with default database ports, like 5432, or 27017, for data consumption, and so, we could start using hyperlinks like:


The database programming languages like (PL/SQL, PSL, etc.) would come back to relevance, allowing the flexibility to define the added business logic and functionality, which these days usually is provided by building an API on to of databases. Today, while most of the web pages on ports 80/443 are open to public, traditionally, most records in databases are behind an authentication, and thus, people are not inclined to make such links (they are inclined to scrape the web rather than properly use databases). Given an existence and wide knowledge of a good data browser (with ease of use and powerful analytics capabilities on local computers), it is likely to expect that people would care to make proper public access to them, and create a web of data.


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I want a general purpose data editor.

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I want a general purpose data editor.


[chronological], me as well. Among the most generic UIs that I've seen so far, are that of dynalist for unstructured data, and airtable for structured (tabular), relational-database-like data. However, neither of them are good enough for complex hypergraphs, I suppose.

It may be something like a power-mode extension for chromium :)