Public-Benefit Purpose Group NDAs



This is an idea of a kind of NDA, that comes from a pool of publicly defined NDAs around a social benefit (a group of Goals), that serve a purpose of uniting competitors in industries to cooperate in creating the social benefit, as well enabling interested individuals to take responsibilities, and exchange privileged corporate and private information needed to efficiently cooperate on creating the social benefits in concern. Ultimate goal of public benefit group NDAs would be to remove the barriers for doing good and having fun.

There are 4 problems that this is about: (1) To encapsulate purpose groups of organizations and individuals. (2) To have more sharing and sense of common purpose and responsibility among competitors. (3) To collectively and reasonably decide about fair sharing of the markets. (4) Allow workers to have fun making friends through working together. [After all, doing work is among the most meaningful thing in life, and creativity can be an expression of love. It's much more fun to work, if we don't tight-lip people with sided NDAs from constructive cooperation and collective responsibility for common purpose of public benefit.] (5) Enabling interested people to cooperate more effectively. Think - something like professional unions, and clubs for companies, and professionals.

Why it is important to have the information within each social benefit group be non-public? Well, imagine that industries, like the nuclear industry, biotechnology industry, and others generate the results that can potentially be mis-used if shared publicly.

We do have compartmentalization within our brains, where each region is responsible for a function, we have the paradigm of encapsulation and private methods within our software, making it easier to deal with. The Public-Benefit Purpose Group NDAs would create something akin to these abstracting and uniting patterns within society, and enable the people with common purpose to be together, and be responsible.

The Public-Benefit Purpose Group NDAs would come with in pairs, one for organization/industry partners, and another for individuals/physical persons, with weighted rights, responsibilities and consequences in case of breach of the NDAs.


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