Problems: Autonomous agents.

Autonomous distribution and hosting


I have a number of files that I would like to keep available such as backups and a wordpress blog that I want to keep hosted


What if there was a public archive format that contains arbitrarily large files and instructions on how to provision software.

It would be like Ansible in an archive format.

There would be metadata and a registry - the current host of the information is pinged to see if the information or service is available. Perhaps a challenge where you are challenged to hash arbitrary byte ranges to prove you are hosting it. A bit like a cheaper filecoin.

Part of this idea is similar to AWS autoscaling. I should be able to tell the internet that I want this hosted. Please host this. I will pay per hour of hosting. Then people can write autonomous programs that upload the data to various hosts and keep the data available in return for payment.

If a host goes down, then a new host can come up

How can I pay people to bittorrent my files for me?


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