Database proxy


One way to get decentralisation for free is to write a Postgres database server which is a simple text based protocol and distribute the resulting queries to peers P2P


The use of a database proxy is how how vitess works.

This means programmers can write otherwise normal Django applications (such as 0oo) and database using applications as if they were centralised but the decentralisation and synchronization is distributed.


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Yes. Either a subset of servers hosts a subset of data (each record belongs to a server) this can be hidden from the application. This is my distributed join idea which I have a separate idea for.

Or all servers host all the data and the data is spread to everybody equally. Essentially all queries run on all servers to get to the same state. You could have a database version which is the number of queries executed so far and if a server has been offline for a time it just needs to execute queries from last seen query up to latest query, in order. That's called logical replication.

I like that. So, if I understand right, there would be nodes hosting those hub servers, and some table of server addresses available to all clients. Maybe, those servers existence can be made dynamic Maybe, a framework can be developed to convert any app into a distribution serveless app?