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Business Language


Computers are good at executing instructions mechanically but not very good at interpreting business language. We need a serialization that captures what a business does to make money


is it arbitrage? Or simply manufacture as many widgets as you can? What kind of business are you in?

I wonder if we can make a serialization that captures what a business does and from that we can operate as that business using a piece of software.

See BPMN for an example attempt. which tries to model business processes.

I want to model business plans in a language.


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Look no further than a DSL for a modern ERPs.

"Resource management is what almost every company is doing, and larger companies use sophisticated resource planning software for that. It is entirely possible to apply machine learning algorithms to automate increasingly many company decisions by analysis of data being collected in such systems, and it seems likely that that some hi-tech companies are already doing that, effectively creating AI-augmented corporations." (me, circa 2010)

Btw., there's one modular framework, called Odoo, written in Python and PostgreSQL, that tries to replace all cloud apps (it's quite amazing). If you replace every module with a business language symbol, you'd get something like what you're talking about. Obviously, such language then can have symbols (or words) with implementations for cloud choices of operators (like what is done via cloud DevOps with cloud services).

Such language obviously would be helpful in understanding any business processes, but not the human relationships and motivations, which usually is the glue that ties processes and restructures those processes. Management relies on personal insights, social measurements, market estimations and risk computations to decide what next domains to pursue next, and that relies on ideas of what's possible, which is inherently an exploratory process. Would such language try to capture these things as well? (human relationships, motivations, exploratory improvizations)

This is different to my other idea on here which is business cloud.

Business cloud is about writing code that runs a business.

This idea is about writing a formalization of a business that can be used to describe any business and how it makes money.

I guess you have to begin with where the money comes from (customers) so describing the customers is a must. In JIT business Then you must describe what is done with that money (suppliers consulted) and stock purchased then an invoice is raised and so on.