Togetherism for Survival


Togetherism, as an abstraction of Communism and Democracy


Two of the most prominent surviving political ideologies arguably are democracy and communism. However, when you look deeper, democracy is about deciding and thinking together, and communism is about doing and having together.

So, both ideologies talk about togetherness in one aspect or another. Unity as such, has been a defining theme of nations and organizations across centuries. Many even today have retained the theme in the national mottos.

The idea of the concept of "Together_ism_" as such might work as a part of a political campaign or ideology, that promotes cooperation rather than conflict.

There's a huge difference between communism and communionism.

I want communionism which has your definition.

So, how do we define communionism (Wikipedia)?

You did not define what is Togetherism here.

// You did not define what is Togetherism here.

In a sense I did, "thinking and deciding together." We are the borg.

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