Problems: Conflict Resolution.

Court Of Law As An App



An app that serves a function of the court of law. It would be an app that takes evidence from the participants over the network. It would work a bit like open bidding in sales, where participants are requested to submit additional evidence with a set time-frame. The participants with their identities can proceed by uploading documents supporting the claims. When there is no additional incoming information, the judge must take the time to analyze it, and provide tentative ruling.

If the ruling is not appealed within a set amount of time, then it is considered final, and executed.

This may turn out to be cheaper than standard court of laws, and thus, help in conflict resolution at broader scale. Given that the data is digitized, with the help of neural networks and a large training set of actual sessions, this kind of court of law may become highly automatic, helping to scale the legal process.


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