Standardised reusable produce container and socket


Our model of shopping relies on N people individually going to a distribution point (shops) and collecting produce to take home and then manually place in a refrigerator or cupboard. What if houses had a standardised socket for produce.


This socket distributes milk, meat, bread and other foods in a reusable container. A house 'loads' products like a Gameboy cartridge.

We can have people we all pay to deliver produce packages to houses. So rather than N people all travelling to a central distribution centre and collecting produce that is wrapped in unsustainable packaging, we have X people who drive heavy transport vehicles to everybody's home to transport produce containers to load into houses.

I imagine a simple hole in the ground that you lower a produce cube into and a simple rail that transports the produce into the house and into a refrigerator.


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Could this be used not just for food, but also for arbitrary deliveries. Sounds a bit like mailbox 2.0.