Process To Preserve Motivation For Kids To Learn



It is rather common, that kids obtain motivation and realization what they want and have dreams early on, perhaps before or during the time of elementary school.

Given that motivation is the primary driver of success, it would then make sense to reform the school systems to include motivation tests at the end of elementary school, to separate the kids who have self-motivation to continue study at the schools specializing in their fields of interests from the kids without any specific motivation to study at traditional schools.

This would save from 7-8 years of purposeless education in further traditional high schools, and help kids get engaged in what they are passionate about early on.


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Motivation for final exam test learning? Good idea ... Actually, I usually ask my students at the beginning of school: What do you want to achieve? However, for large class teaching, in a classroom, a teacher facing 40 students, it is difficult to motivate each student, but network teaching should be possible, requiring systematic task design. In terms of motivation and motivation, each person (student) has a variety of learning motivations. Can educators capture and discover these motivations is a difficult point, and then they can carry out personalized design of education.




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