Representation Format of Actualization States of Individuals



In order to ensure that people stay healthy and perform optimally, a way to understand the current states of individuals may be useful. For example, we had lately introduced an experimental "How Are You?" questionnaire [link], which attempts to exhaustively cover all variables that explain human pursuits and happiness, and indeed, provide actionable insights into what to do to move towards improvement of the state for arbitrary individual.

Through my experimental practice, I had found, that such high level summary was useful to look at and update daily (as a single file on a Git repository), giving a bird's eye view of all of one's current projects, ailments, career changes in need of improvement, etc.

With some improvements (for example inputs from experts, such as, for instance, financial summary may be improved by separating variables describing assets and liabilities, or medical summary may include something what medical experts know to be the best descriptors of health), generic representation format about actualization states of individuals may help ensure that they perform at least nominally, and make greater inferences about the society's aggregate aspirations.


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