Default Interlingual Synsets



The idea is to assign default token for defined meanings in every language -- default interlingual synsets (DIS). Give a prefix to them, and use them to make language-independent documents (LDI), which has never been really realized, and is still relevant because of ambiguity of machine translations. The world already has, which summarizes meanings from variety of sources. For example, Freebase was integrated into it.

Then, use DIS to enable LIDs, simply choose default meanings for tokens. E.g., "orange" default meaning would be the color, not the fruit.... And "spring" default meaning would be the type of coils, not the season. Etc., such "standardized" meaning tokens could all have prefixes, like, underscore, or some other more rarely used symbol.


More details:


project Project Synsets

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What's great about this idea, is that the default meanings are already known to people, so, one can expect people to be able to use it immediately to communicate.


This actually is worth trying. Very little effort is required, to pull data from WikiData, and a bit of compute/memory, to have a usable thing.