Problems: Cross-referencing.



A code that is subscript next to a word or phrase to link to a portal of that word


I have a tablet called 5-htp and it states it's good for depression. It doesn't link to papers that have proved this, it just makes the claim. it doesn't link the claim to the evidence.

Why should I have to backtrack through the inferences made to assume that 5-htp is good for treating depression? Why cannot this have been done for me?

So I propose in in the list of things that 5-htp is good for treating, there should be a subscript code C-000-5697 which if inputted into a computer search engine, should take me to a portal, where there is listed potential evidence that the drug is useful for treating depression.


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Like in scientific papers, where claims have references leading to a table of references, and then links to them?