Problems: Housing economics.

Real Estate LEGO Bricks



LEGO principles could be used for real houses, with macroscopic bricks. These universal bricks would be made from materials with compressive strength suitable for building skyscrapers, yet would sell in supermarkets for small price. Now, anyone could start building skyscrapers on their piece of land, starting as small as a few bricks at a time. For making the building activities more fun, the bricks would strengthen the attachment to each other with principle of magnetic locking. People could use them to build not just living apartments, but mystery mazes of all kinds. You need a house to play real life 3D maze with friends? No problem, buy bricks and build one in your pleasure time. The bricks would come in various colors and shapes.


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These modules already exist for high-rise buildings. For example, why is the construction of Wuhan Hospital so fast? Because of the big module. But the big modules are heavy. Have you ever wondered how we can create these Lego from pet bottle plastic at home?


These modules ... should be large or small, small parts in fine parts, large bricks in a whole wall-a preliminary idea.

Yes, the city may not have its own place to build a house, there may be in the countryside, supermarkets ... should there be? Are you worried that no supermarket will sell construction materials?

这些模块……应该有大有小,在精细部位需要小的部件,在一整面墙需要大的砖块——初步设想。 是的,可能城市已经没有自己的地方造房子了,农村可能会有,超市……应该会有吧?你是担心没有超市会卖建筑材料吗?

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Welcome to the Homebase in the Infinity Family spaceship ~ Good idea! But what size should these modules be? In the city, people usually have apartments and no land. Is this idea for the rural population? However, the rural population does not usually have a supermarket? still have? I'm curious. Time is UTC. Do we need an "evaluation" function here?

欢迎来都 Homebase 在 Infinity Family 宇宙飞船~ 不错的想法!但是,这些模块应该有什么大小呢?在城市里,平时人已经有公寓,没有地皮。那么这个想法是不是对农村人口吗?但是,农村人口没有平时没有超市吧?还是有?我好奇。时间是 UTC 的。我们需不需要在这里有个“评价”的功能吗?

What is curious about time?