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当汽车在水下时,可以教海豚进入汽车,然后驱动汽车向上倾斜离开游泳池。 起初,他们可能会因为在另一个水池中有自己喜欢的鱼而得到回报,这种汽车可以为海豚打开更多的可能性,甚至可能让他们参观我们的栖息地(即城市)。这会很有趣,它们会如何与新发现的环境进行互动和探索,他们会好奇地探索鱼类以外的其他事物吗?




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Important question: How can dolphins survive the water?



The cabin is full of seawater, and it is equipped with life-sustaining devices such as oxygen and water to play the role of a dolphin car.



Suddenly imagine a picture: dolphin with airbag-like life support device, which contains water and oxygen, it is driving with its tail. And then when you look at it in surprise, it comes with the phrase "What's up, human?"

忽然想像一个画面:海豚带着安全气囊一样的维生装置,里面有水和氧气,反正是用尾巴来开车的。然后当你惊奇地看着牠时,牠来了一句“What's up, human?”


So, suppose there are two dolphins, and two vehicles, may they need an ultrasonic walkie-talkie for their mutual communication, or a special rubber glass, so that the echo of the sound can be seen with ultrasound?



Unfortunately, in the link (真的 有 鱼 车!), goldfish is not as smart as a dolphin :)

Deja, nuorodoje (真的有鱼车!) auksinė žuvelė nėra tokia protinga kaip delfinas :)


You can expand the fish cart into a dolphin cart.



Yes, but the principles of dolphin navigation could be different. For example, a dolphin has advanced echolocation centers and acoustic modulation capabilities, so we could imagine other control mechanisms that do not rely on computer-assisted CV technology.

In addition, a dolphin would probably prefer to have control of such a car by tail and body force transmission, i.e., to feel that it controls the car as if it were a joystick, more specifically, and to feel its movement forces relate to the trajectory of the car. The water layer between the body and the car acts as a shock absorber and does not convey information about the subtleties of acceleration changes that would make learning more difficult.

Taip, bet delfino navigacijos principai galėtų skirtis. Pvz., delfinas turi pažengusius echolokacijos centrus, ir akustinės moduliacijos gebėjimus, todėl galėtume įsivaizduoti kitus kontrolės mechanizmus, nesiremiančius kompiuterine CV technologija.

Be to, delfinui tikriausiai labiau patiktų turėti tokio automobilio kontrolę uodegos ir kūno jėgų perdavimo būdu, t.y., jausti, kad jis kontroliuoja automobilį tarsi su vairalazde, konkrečiau, ir jausti savo judėjimo jėgų ryšį su automobilio trajektorija. Vandens sluoksnis tarp kūno ir automobilio veikia kaip amortizatorius, ir neperduoda informacijos apie pagreičio pokyčių subtilybes, kas apsunkintų mokymąsį.


In other words, dolphins will control the car more precisely than fish, but not as accurately as humans? Regardless of the brain, the flexibility of human hands is unparalleled. A fish cart looks like a fish tank with four-wheel drive. Dolphin special vehicles should be more like cars than fish tanks, but dolphins can have a living device that neither interferes with operation nor prevents breathing (similar to a space suit).