A Real Bakery, As Systems Test!


You order buns, and they get actually delivered

YAML Idea Draft

So, now that we have an exchange, we need products trade on the Homebase, Mindey et. al. has an idea to invite friends to publish products and create sell orders, to provide bakery and confectionary to our fellow friends, in the projects below.

The longer shot -- this will work as a test ground for providing products and services, that will allow later for us to focus more on the medical, surgery, and advanced technology services and products, that will help us to stay alive long enough to visit Andromeda galaxy.

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If anyone's curious. What I'm trying to do right now, is to make at least one full order, where the shopping experience would feel good. So, thinking of modal windows both for product previews on the eXchange, and also, by clicking on the produce items in the project view.

Modals, cause that works. One thing that worries about them though, that they require JavaScript. So probably we can sacrifice that, by loading it in the "Exchange," cause that's supposed to be a modern experience, and avoids jumping forward and back (to product and back to search results).

So far, only technical matters in the making even a single croissant for sale on Homebase.