Laymen How-To on Low-Energy Websites


Plain English step-by-step guide on how to make a low-tech website that teaches non-techies responsible web skills

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A google doc written as steps on how to make a low-tech website. Guide is written in a simple language ("explain like I'm 5"). This educational resource explains main concepts and tools for making a low-tech website without assuming that a reader knows about them. This guide sparks responsibly and sustainability as a value and allows non-techies to learn making responsible tech from zero.

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Aww, was this like "Low Energy + Website" + GUIDE? So +GUIDE (in a google doc) = idea? We could put +GUIDE for whatever problem, and will immediately become an idea? It's more a request for solution than a solution, thus, I'd suggest having this as a category. An idea should present some actual method, not a combination of two concepts (in this case "Low Energy Website" + "Guide").

How this is better than all other methods? Why not a video? Having it in google docs, would also be limiting, as for example, they are not accessible in some countries, so not a very universal way either.

Suggest moving it to Category...