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Smart Jewellery to Capture Solo Ideation


Tiny device that captures typed notes, photos, audio, digital sketches worn as jewellery


Creative ideas come when our minds are defocused. E.g. moving the body in an inspiring space like nature. Current tools for capturing ideas on the go are mobile phones and paper diaries, but phones distract our minds because of built-in Internet and mobile network for calls/messages; paper diaries are limiting in functionality to capture high quality photos and audio.

A small device that captures photos (like a Go-Pro camera), records audio (like a mic), allows to sketch in notes (like mini tablets) and save typed notes (like note-taking apps) would allow for a creative time in solitude, on the go.

Moreover, to allow for free movement and self-expression through fashion, this device is made as jewellery.


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I've seen a camera, i.e., GetNarrative, but it definitely does not support typing or sketching notes (though can record video and audio). So, how would such a jewelry support those features like sketching and taking notes?