Problems: Fashion: Decoration.

Stickable Face Scales as Makeup


Just like coats and trousers, but for face to hide aging and look cool.


So, people generally cover their body with protective coating, they call "clothes", which in addition to creating microclimate, has also come to serve aesthetic purposes.

One side effect though, clothes also hide aging features, e.g., you can't tell her age by looking at the limbs covered with clothes.

The Stickable Face Scales would be the kind of scales that can move predictably in relation to one another, attached to facial feature points, and thus, adapt to your facial expressions by sliding in relation to one another.

The face scales comes in various colors and sizes, to enable people to design their unique kind of faces just by sticking the different arrangements. The colors and shapes could also be used to identify oneself with domains of interests or the kind of aliens they liked in sci-fi the movies.

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


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