Social networking at its finest!


Cyber cafes are a neat place to gather and meet new people over the web for those without home computers (and those who are afraid the government will find them if they use their home computers).

Thing is, typing on a computer all day can tend to make one thirsty. Another thing is, there are a lot of adults who frequent cyber cafes. Let's combine these two facts to make a lucrative new business: CyberPubs. These would be like regular cyber cafes, but with spill- proofed computers, an age limit (complete with ID checks), and a Full bar.

Just met a cute girl in a chatroom? If she's in a CyberPub, you can order her a drink, and pay with your credit card. You know it's a safe transaction, because you're not giving her money, and the whole thing goes through a licensed CyberPubtender. Likewise with your buddies who may be on business trips or vacation (or just happen to live) in far-off places. All they need to do is find a local CyberPub, and you can go out drinking together, connected by the web.

I think this could work pretty well. Computers could be protected from overly animated drunks with bolted-down spill-proof keyboards and monitors behind polycarbonate shields. I'm not sure how to handle the mice... maybe metal mousepads with strong magnets to hold the mouse down? Not sure how far from the computer it'd have to be...

Credits: 21 Quest of HalfBakery.


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