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Lovers Cloning Selves


Socially acceptable cloning and memetic mixing instead of sexual reproduction.


Suppose everyone is able to make their own clones, just like they are able to conceive kids. (I mean, theoretically, I do know how to make my own clone, it's an available technology, I just wish I had a passionate girlfriend, whom I get a long very well with, and who would like to commit to lab work at home, and be ready to explore this together, making a copy of ourselves at home, and growing them up as family).

Why? Strategic goals. If we want to survive for a long enough time to visit Andromeda galaxy, we need more thinking resources and multitasking. It would be fun to learn about ourselves, our natural tendencies. It would be safe to share parts of our bodies in case some damage occurs reducing risk to our deaths. While our clones would be different experientially, they could be great at thinking together, especially, if we love to chat and work about a variety of things. Assuming we are naturally intelligent, it would be great to have more of us, doing more, rather than having statistical regression to the mean, at least temporarily, until human longevity issue is resolved.

The idea addresses an ethical issue of acceptability of self-cloning. Society has norms for family life, and freedom to procreate. Having full and loving family is one of the essential things to human development. Provided the conditions of this idea are satisfied -- namely, there are two people of mutual love and common passion for science, who decide to have kids, and grow them up and educate them in the best of their (and common) interest, it may be much more acceptable to have clones.

The social acceptability of this kind of procreation strategy could be good for various students and scientists, who otherwise might not find it attractive to procreate (fearing the regression to the mean and wasted time to educate kids less inclined to learn), leaving the procreation business for the masses (like in the movie Idiocracy).

Credits: Inyuki of HalfBakery.


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