a calendar is your way of telling people your rythm


So on grounded stream vision... We have the crafts people, the makers, the producers and small manufacturers.

There are embroiderers. For example, I try to find an easy way for the designers to work with them: - without stressing them out - respecting their time - respecting their right to have a life other than work - and helping them progress and develop - supporting them socially emotionally and financially fairly to all

For embroiderers let's pretend the world is not yet changed to use a familiar example, the embroidery in large numbers work for fashion industry. (Let's pretend fashion industry is not exploitive for a second too)

So to go on the platform and order work from the embroidery, you will have to be planning your Gavin product 2 years ahead of the launch.

So this includes: ideation, designing, sampling, alteration, sampling, making in all colours ..

The embroidery had his/her calendar tool, for consent purposes

This calendar tool, connects to universal calendar for pynchronisation purposes

Which in turn connects to UNIX calendar for coding and crypting purposes


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[BassinI], how this "multi-calendural" work? Could you summarize the method of it in one sentence under the title, which currently reads -- "a calendar is your way of telling people your rythm".

Yes, we are thinking of changing the social rhythms, make them more free-paced, creative, and integrative of stages from asking, to ideating, to doing. Is this idea -- a reflection about what we at Infinity are trying to do as an example of embroidery, or are you proposing some specific new way (new method) to connect multiple calendars?

Or are you suggesting a new type of embroidery? ("The embroidery had his/her calendar tool, for consent purposes...")

Note: I'm aware that the fashion business calendar which is imposed on us by same people who exploit is probably not harmonic, I use here only for an example of long span planning for those who are into that. Also planning ahead of time is a good practice. With supply chain equations and big data we'd be able forecast better with time!

For instant/urgent/quick gigs, is a different flow too.