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Multiple Inheritance Worlds With Subjects From Alternate Histories


I want to have a world, in which my grandfather is not dead yet, and certain friends are alive.

It is impossible to avoid their death without destorting the future. For example, if my grandfather would have been alive throughout the past >20 years, then, in all likelihood, I would be a different kind of person than I am today, because that would have certainly influenced my choices in life.

So, assuming that I want to retain my this self, there is a possibility to do that:

A merge world would be a world constructed by importing the subjects as information from multiple parallel histories, into a new world, which inherits (just like in programming, multiple- inheritance) from a set of chosen worlds.

To create a merge world, we would:

  1. Regenerate the current timeline by simulating universe exactly like ours until a time t = now. (Wolfram is close to figuring that out.)

  2. During that process, take snapshots of objects.

  3. Instantiate a new world with the objects from snapshots.

Sharing this as a thought exercise here. The devil is in the details. :)

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


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