Intents: Vehicle: Boat.



Horizontal Skyscrapers on Sea: Living on the seas isn't as hard as we think. Modify cruize ships a bit, to look architecturally creative like modern buildings, and ship them to mass-orders by future inhabitants on-line.

YAML Idea Draft

Now that Starlink is a thing, and that ships can catch fish, to keep all happy, and trade it for other things, in addition to all kind of intellectual services of the passengers, in practice -- just make a web page to allow for massively ordering such said cruise ships, that look like fancy horizontal skyscrapers, and enjoy the life en route to a variety of places.

Ships that look like skyscrapers, just horizontal -- call them "Seascrapers."

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.




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I agree. But on the link doesn't really look like a custom "building," so it's unlikely that many people can order together.

そうですね。だが、リンクでの は本当にカスタム「ビル」に似ているとは言えない、それで、注文も大勢の人が一緒に出来るとは言えないかも。