Problems: High Incomes.

Sectoral pay agreements



Each sector in an industry should have an agreed minimum pay.


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//No such thing exists yet

If the information is transparent, it should be possible.

I think many unreasonable prices are caused by the opaque information on supply and demand. If you are in the same market (a market with the same rules) and everyone can get the same information, you can negotiate a reasonable price.

//还不存在这样的事情 信息透明的话,应该是可能的。 我觉得很多不合理的价格是因为供、需的信息不透明而产生的。如果在同一个市场上(同样规则的市场),大家能得到同样的信息,就可以协商出合理的价格。

Isn't there such a thing already, e.g. in the U.K., we have some standardization of salaries for different education levels, specialties and roles. I'll have to look up for the legal documents, but quick search returns

So, while this may be known, do you have more specifics, of what should be the pay distributions? And, btw., how would we deal with the reality, that different circumstances make people value things differently. For example, a surgery may have a huge (life-or-death) value to people, and yet, the social benefits systems working like insurance achieve the reasonable or zero prices on those events.

And, it's a bit like a sub-goal, rather than a method?