Problems: Health.

Intelligence medical research


Use the intelligence agencies as a trusted partner to conduct health research based on private health histories and genetic data.


There is a conundrum in medical research -- the genetic and detailed data is inevitably personally identifying, and so, it's hard to share and compute with (homomorphic encryption may solve this, but I don't know of exactly how at this point).

However, the society could benefit immensely from personal medical histories and genetic data.

So, being a rather neutral party, not interested in profiting from the health insurances or otherwise from customers, the intelligence agencies could actually be useful as a party that legally is permitted to conduct the research with such private and personal data.

Btw., examples of companies illegally obtaining such data exist, e.g., [link].


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Of course, there will be comments saying, that people should have to consent to their data, using OAuth, or cryptography and tokenomic decentralized computing with permissioning. I'm of course aware of these methods, and it would be great if hospitals managed their data in those standard ways. However, there are certain consents that people do through giving rights to governments in exchange for social value, because it's more efficient than asking for consents on a case-by-case basis.

What this idea is proposing, is that such medical research is one of such cases, because aging and death is the common enemy of us all -- we could quickly discover patterns of and best treatment strategies by systematically and massively cooperating for this by default. The risk perhaps should be estimated as the cost of extra loss of some privacy to the gain in treated diseases and life years of people survived longer as a result.