Use a marketplace where every item is a wrapped product and must contain every stakeholder's interest



There is a bias towards low cost. But if every item in your market place covers every needs of every stakeholder, you won't fail to meet the requirements of the principal agent problem.

You have to make the marketplace sell wrapped commodities.

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// funds a set of activities or programmes

Hmm. This actually go much deeper than one might anticipate -- activities or programmes -- tend to have all aspects of volition and cognition as well. Will we not require the entire f(x)=y to wrap it? :)

It looks like it's what we'd naturally have by having products on 0oo, because products here are connected to projects, and them with ideas and goals... by buying on 0oo, one would naturally see supply network that one's supporting.

I see every purchase of a product funds a set of activities or programmes, the money must physically go to those areas. That's what I mean by wrapped, you're buying more than just the thing on the shelf, but you're investing in lots of other things too.

A map on the wrapper or a link to the product map is a great idea. I like that.

It makes sense to me, and relates to the idea of consumer price breakdown requirement.

How do you see it implemented? Would displaying the entire supply chain, on the wrapping of the product do it? For example, in case of a food product, -- not just the price, manufacturer and nutrients, -- but the entire story, and how related agents will benefit from my purchase.

I certainly think this information would affect purchasing patterns, but how would you compact that all information onto the products? While we could just add proper QR-codes, leading to web addresses with explanations, people like the convenience of not having to scan every item with their phones. In that case, would some kind of elaborate color-coding for initial screening while strolling or scrolling through marketplaces, do it, or how do you imagine it?