Problems: Software.

Code Review Option Before Giving Permissions


An OS-level middleware allowing to review code of software that is installed or given permissions to.


So, these days, we are required to comply with "User Agreement," when installing applications, and are supposed to take their word for what's about to be run. Additionally, the installed applications sometimes ask for additional permissions, which, when considering, whether or not we should provide them with, the only real way to know, is to look at the code that is about to be run.

Thus, reviewing the code of apps about to be run on one's machine should obviously be an easily reachable option. Moreover, this would not be very hard to implement, considering that vast majority of mobile apps (at least in Android) are written in Java, in already rather readable form. So, what could realize this idea, is simply a code reviewer, that comes up as an option next to every permission granting screen and installation screen.


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