Business cloud


Provisioning reality with code


Provision a company with code.

This company has these inputs, these outputs. These services can be listed on an service exchange for their provisioning by business software developers.

Provisioning a cafe where there is demand would be an algorithmic opportunity.

  • Search for areas with foot traffic.
  • Find areas with high foot traffic.
  • Find places to rent which are near high foot traffic.
  • Provision a limited business using online services.
  • Buy fit out service from fit out services company.
  • Provision branding, website, menu
  • Menu is optionally listed automatically on Uber Eats and Just Eat
  • Ingredients are ordered from a marketplace of suppliers.
  • Staff are caught from a marketplace of labour.
  • A business opens its doors in the space of 1 month.

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// Businesses would pop up due to programmatic rules.

Oh nice. So, let's say I want to run a cafe, that sells authentic food, practically, what do I do as a business developer powered by such business cloud?

If it wasn't clear, the whole bulleted pointed list in this ideas description would be the programme running automatically.

Businesses would pop up due to programmatic rules.

When you define conditions, you gotta remember that there needs to be an executor that always tries to read the state and make sure that it is satisfied like a goal condition. The very reason why many companies exist, is to be good at being those executors. :)

A community of people can decide how they want a business to look like and how they operate ethically etc.

Business becomes sourcecode.

resource "company" "sams-coffee-shop" {
    description = "Selling bespoke coffee"


resource "menu" "morning-menu" {

    product "mocha" {
        sell_price = £2.65
        procurement "fair trade chocolate powder" {
            buy_price = "£1"
        procurement "fair trade coffee" {
            buy_price = "£3"
            target_price = 0.85p
        procurement "cups" {
            buy_price = £1
            target_price = 0.85p



// 0oo could be the place where this happens ;-)

Well, 0oo DB model is very suited for that of course, but even I think of decentralization, and having people own their "business operating system", and having 0oo as a lightweight entry point to the ecosystem. I.e., focusing on 0oo primarily on two tasks: "sharing thoughts" + "registering works", and getting all of that in fact linked from other systems. So, for example, if you did some works in your private ERP, or task management systems, you could link that up to 0oo for sharing with others here, and the 0oo would correctly pick that up and include it in your public ledger under that project, e.g., such as your company. This way, everyone's privacy would be preserved, and this place itself would be just one of the places to discuss and evaluate information about the aggregations of business operations (ledgers of operations -- both financial and not).

I've looked at OpenERP. It could very well form a basis for wiring it up to be peer to peer and to be provisionable.

It needs marketplace functionality.

// Integrated payments and invoicing.
// Integrated market research market for purchase.

Look no further than OpenERP :) It actually provides all those things that we find on the cloud as simple OpenSource business operations software to do all things that business needs from A to Z running on PostgreSQL, so organization can breathe. And yes, there also exists a cloud version of it.. It would be nice to have convert it into a "generalized peer" that can meaningfully talk with all other systems regardless of their protocols, currencies, networks... Think of it as open source "business operating system".

I propose a Terraform-like tool for provisioning real life things, in the real world.

We just need to decide what attributes a business has and what attributes all of these objects have.

People can then integrate by writing provisioners for integrations with existing market places or new platform ones.

0oo could be the place where this happens ;-)

I suspect this idea can be implemented by nested exchanges.

  • Every aspect of getting a business off the ground relies on the exchange of money for some item off an exchange. so this idea relies on a platform that someone builds to exchange products and services. and having them integrated behind one business account.

  • A data format for an organisation, which includes the network of inputs and outputs which you've elucididated on before. I've proposed MRSGREN on my ideas document as an organisational strategy or verbs for operation.

  • Integrated payments and invoicing.

  • Integrated market research market for purchase.

I've proposed how you would provision a cafe with the software. The integrations are numerous.

How is this different from how the world works today, or how smart contracts work today with oracles? The world already has all kind of services (including physical) callable via APIs. Imagining all of that integrated is good, and is happening too -- APIs aggregators do it. How this is different from network of functions idea? Implementation of these things via APIs is ugly, because there are different standards, and nobody agrees on a single one, so we need drivers that would drive APIs at the operating system level (as described in the metadrive idea). But this, does this present a new method to get this happen? If so, where's the description of the actual method of this idea?