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YAML Project

Principles of parsing people's intent, and assuring that it is parsed correctly (i.e., underlying true needs are correctly identified with high confidence).

currently: So, we have the Infinity Project which presents a set of non-terminal symbols to parse human intent, and an emerging data-set about it.

I had also started communications with an FLI, and an FLI researcher regarding the topic, I mention it here.

Moreover, today, we have a world full of mobile devices, where most people in developed world have smart phones, tracking their location and some aspects of their actions. We have emergence of "Internet of Things", which promises even more granular resolution of individual people's actions. We have increasingly many sources of raw data about peope's activities.

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I've already done some preparation work {3} needed to start working on this, that is, prepared my blog for use of WebPPL. That is, for example, if you open section on What are PPLs?, you can actually execute the probabilistic code with "Run" button. It is in the style of dippl.org -- an interactive tutorial. However, this allows us now to communicate easier.

Locally, I run this with:

npm install -g webppl

Note: Regarding the society's intent modeling, I've had a recommendation to read this paper. {?4}

I stopped for a while, to resolve a resource acquisition problem with more immediate projects... But will come back.

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