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We approach using opencv on a desktop.

Recently it has been suggested I use opencv to calculate these metrics.

For example, the following website provides code for Ubuntu to detect blinks: http://www.technolabsz.com/2013/05/eye-blink-detection-using-opencv-in.html

Does this requires a dedicated graphics card (I do not have such a machine), and what is the minimal requirement for this to run smoothly?

Can it be run on a dedicated tablet?

The goal is to: 1. Provide a sample of referred articles which discuss the correlation of eye blinking to personal energy or to another quantity which can be translated to it. 2. Use this research to either 2A. create an algorithm which can, given information about blinking, calculate your personal energy 2B. Prove such an algorithm cannot in practice exist 3. Check requirements for openCV code 4. If possible, implement in openCV 5. Otherwise provide a direction to explore (for example, can we implement this on tablets?) --

currently: I have a laptop with no camera running a Linux. I have a phone and a tablet (note 3 and nexus 7 2013 resp.). I would be willing to purchase more hardware for this project but first we must determine the requirements.

The research portion should be accessible to anyone with Internet access.

Some access to university credentials (to acquire papers) may be necessary and this can be provided at request.

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[Divisor@EC9C06F0], I wonder, had you proceeded with this undertaking? :)

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[z], so, here is an estimate of cost in terms of human hours of mine, to realize your project. You can include the milestones into your main project if you like them, and we could actually start this project. The best case scenario is in yellow, the most likely one is in green. (Lithuanian colors!)

You can also invite other people to give their estimates, and then, cherry-pick the milestones into your plan by clicking "Include/Exclude" button, and then, you may ask people (even different people) do these separate portions of your plan.

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What about the name like 'Z-Tracker Project'? :) We found that it is a good practice to come up with unique names for projects. Think, Apollo. I'll come back to this some time soon.

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