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Connect entities in the crafts ecosystem together and create relationships to reach full economic potential YAML [edit]

what are we doing?

building an online platform MVP. connecting entity 2 BUYERS with entity 1 Maker-communities

It also indirectly makes way for future connection with entity 3 Designers

Other stakeholders are: Drivers Crafts trainers CBOs and NGOs Bloggers and writers *These entities are not directly in relationship or dealing with the core community entity 1 or buyers entity 2, they do not exchange money with them.

Grounded Stream is the "eco-system shaper" entity...

This formation follows "platform design toolkit" methodology which is open source and can be adjusted according to case.


  • 1 - crafts are direct source of economic security to the ecosystem
  • 2 - eveyrything is connected digitally and also has a twin in the physical world
  • 3 - shared common knowledge base

long term vision: shared coop DAO or similar setup with global scale. independant from corporate world. owned and managed collectively, respects tribal existance and individual space.

Wiki page [edit] managed by: Bassxn2,

Operational details


  • find payment gateway
  • upload products catalogues collectively -create knowledge content collectively
  • launch of MVP
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Hello Mindey, we fixed it, there's a place holder landing page now. Still needs some editing I'll do today.

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I tried to visit the - the site you linked as the project's site, but could not reach it. :) It seem to exist in DNS, but not linked to a server yet. I'm curious about what you're building.

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