Posting Projects Who? + What? + Where?
Project = Work / Group

"Here's what I did, and will do next..."

Rule 1: You want to realize your idea, yet words are not enough, and you want to start sharing periodic targets and progress reports and demos to let others invest and generate co-ownership shares to support each others' impactful work.

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Projects must be about a group of social entities pursuing an outcome, and people can use one project alone or with multiple others to share progress about their initiatives.

Use features like registering:

  • [Targets] - periodic to-do action items associatded with your project.
  • [Results] - demos and results of your project.
  • [Transfers] - transfers (like shipments and money like revenue and investments) into you project.

Publish a project when you start working on something and want to share periodic results with the public or a circle of friends.


We do not have currently special restrictions for the kind of projects you run.

We plan to list restrictions in response to any issues that arise in the future.

What to expect?

If you publish a project here, it will be public and the world will be able to find it here, as well as on the sister domains. Unless you uncheck "publish" checkbox, it will become publicly available in the site language versions that you had written it in, and forwarded to subscribers.