Why Logarithmic Thinking?

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The impact of an idea is like the strike of an earth-quake, and I think we should have a “Richter scale” of magnitude for potential impact of ideas to compare them.In a world, which is moving exponentially [1], it is important to have the right scale to look at innovation — a scale suitable to our linear thinking.

I think, just like the Richter scale, the scale measuring the impact of innovations should be logarithmic, and hence — the logarithmic thinking.

[1] http://www.kurzweilai.net/the-law-of-accelerating-returns

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The potential of the idea itself is a measure, and what effect the idea will have in human society requires another measure. This kind of measurement is difficult. How can we predict the result of the interaction of all human behaviors and thoughts? If it can be predicted, is the current human society the result of calculation?