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Programmatic Access and Control

How to build generic programmatic access solution to help people scale thinking and doing?

YAML Interest

The desire to take control and programmatically access and manage all one's personal web accounts and web resources, -- is a need of any generalist person. beepb00p has coined the term "HPI" (Human Programming Interface) to refer to it, and developed a version of it at, though, there had been other attempts at a similar end goal, such as the by Mindey, and we perhaps would find others, such as Almond's Thingipedia by Monica S. Lam et al. at Stanford, trying to create open source virtual assistant, that inherently needs the ability to access diverse resources with high level actions.

The problem of access and control of one's web resources programmatically, is pervasive: every time you see someone writing a client library to interact with an API, or web crawler -- it's part of the problem. Every time you see someone write drivers to control robots, -- it's part of the problem.

And, there's much to be desired. The memories of sharing diaries as granularly as described in notesplit, where you can permission on every byte, to all the features described in metaform.

I think, we merit discussions, and bringing people with interest in this together, to collect the best approaches, and try to create a paradigm for plug-and-play driver and data system, that would enable everyone of us to access and control our stuff programmatically, removing the necessity to use UIs of systems, and abstracting them into one powerful API to have high-level actions on all of them.

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Ive always wanted a password database that I can change my passwords through.

This comes down to the control side of this puzzle

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did use FUSE for MetaDrive demo.

Did you use FUSE?

My dream is aggregating information across multiple tab or sites

Yes yes, and MetaDrive has a prototype of such thing. Each database record can be a file in file manager, with different mouse drop-down options on right-click, and different forms on click. No need for web browser, in most cases.

Is everyone familiar with windows file management Explorer? Or Finder on Mac.

On windows file management is easy. We need a generic object interfacer for databases.

Search, filtering, move, copy, cross reference search by example. We need all these things for every website.

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I'm thinking, it would be worth inviting all the people mentioned here, and others who are interested to a web conference on this topic. Data and systems access and control is a generic need.

    : 草长莺飞, kriz
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