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Metadrive is an attempt to design a single interface to all world's services via a metastandard, so that you don't have to manually interact with them, allowing any agent to be a "Universal Peer"
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In fact, any person, who has to work with various systems, needs something like a metadrive to avoid having to learn to work with each of them. Plug-and-play systems need drivers. Metadrive is about creating framework for drivers to make all systems plug-and-play (with all of their data and services). For example, plug-and-play connect your bank, and bank becomes just like a disk on your computer. Every intelligence agency needs something like a metadrive, to be able to automate data collection and actions.

As a person, using metadrive, you will be able to be a "universal peer" that freely interacts with all protocols. In daily life, e.g., write your updates in any editor you like in one place, and have it published in any places (any social media or hardware groups) you like, and have all interactive comments from all of those places without having to manually interact with those interfaces.

As an organization, using metadrive, you will be able to take multiple applications, and automatically collect and merge data about all of them, to create AI insights automatically, without any manual human integration work, and also, execute actions on those systems as a result of AI decisions.

It would make most sense to have streams of revenue from all the future projects, that use the open source of metadrive for their for-profit services, in that way, making this a project with expected returns like that of a patent and technology licensing for the for-profit uses.

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