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Buying Silence

How to promote the value of being passive?

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Information overload during a modern life. There are too many small decisions to make every day: which bus to take, is a transport card topped up, which bus stop to get off, what time to arrive to work, where and what to eat during breaks or is the lunch box prepared for the next day, remember to speak to a colleague about x, [insert all the information going inside the workplace], remember to buy food and choose which products to buy, what to cook, checkin with loved ones, their emotional states and experiences, remember to shower, put alarm clock and sleep, count if the hours slept are enough for a good health, and in between be reminded by phone notifications about how the world and friends are doing, from which comes a lot of negative information. All of this lowers my brain capacity to process and make decisions. Without even thinking that I need a pause to create. How to live in such a busy world?

Recharging time is a problem when people are bombarded by information, often emotional information. It lowers brain's capacity to process and make decisions.

Always-on, alerted lifestyle tires the body as a system.

Consumerist society values what it pays for, buys. So how about we "buy silence"?

I feel a need to pause time, to reflect, to process experiences and feelings coming my way.


Art project called "verpete" which means a tiny worm, inside a vortex and a female version of a word vortex in Lithuanian language.

Background Story:

This came about from my observation that my migraines these weeks may be caused to my lack of pause and seeing "passiveness" as a negative, while being passive, I realised, in fact can be the "key" to another Universe: an insight to seeing the reality differently.


Buy silence. Buy a muted Zoom call, 1:1 or in group, where we talk talk talk talk. But what we hear is only ourselves. We get a recording with a muted video.

Buy silence.

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