YAML Category


category Conflict of Interest How to solve conflicts of interest

category Security

category Organization

category Leadership

category Community

category Inclusion

category Technological Unemployment How to prepare people for jobs diseappearing?

category Work Anytime Anywhere How could more professions be able to work anytime anywhere?

category Jobs Automation

category Jobs Creation

category Social Justice

category Equal Pay

category Gender Equality

category Inequality

category Disabilities

category Social Security

category Civil Engagement

category Charities

category Volunteering

category Social Welfare

category Social Insurance

category Unemployment

category Open Data

category Social issues

category Uniting behind goals How to make society unite behind goals?

category Poverty

category Hunger

category Food Access

category Future Tribes What identities would connect people of the future?

category Thinking Culture How to move from no-thinking to insight?

category Export

category Women Leadership

category Decentralization

category Contests

method Deep Work Stop

Quiet tiny spaces in cities with wifi access, computer/tablet, desk/chair for a moment of deep work

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