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Mom Service for Lonely


When human contact is rare, use a booking system to order a mom type of service


In future when a human contact ir rare, humans use a booking system MAMOS to order a professional mom to hug/listen/cook/care.

MAMOS make humans feel better by spreading healthy bacteria between humans needed to survive.


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[Mindey], I was inspired by a real story of David Vetter in 1971 who was raised as "germ-free human" but who died because of no exposure to bacteria (mentioned in a book "Psychobiotic Revolution").

So from here I'm thinking, humans need exposure to bacteria. What kind of? I dont know yet.

// Mom human contact as a service...

Perhaps something like Buurtzorg governing structure be good for such service providers to self-organize into a kind of purposeful movement.

// spreading healthy bacteria between humans

And which would be the healthy ones? (Do we have a database of benign bacteria?). How would the Mom service deliver them? (Benign bacteria in one location may not be benign in another). Or, are you meaning "bacteria" figuratively rather than literally?