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The Problem of High Suicide Rate

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On average, 0.8 mln people die every year because of suicides. According to the video, it is the 15th leading cause of mortality, accounting for 1.5% of all deaths, which is more than all car accidents combined, or more than all deaths from malaria.

It claims that 45% of suicides appear to be due to brain chemistry imbalance, while 55% due to psychological reasons, such as:

  • 32% because of grief about romantic love,
  • 10% due to financial or carrer failure,
  • 13% due to other psychological reasons, such as humiliation, shame, status disgrace, loss of hope & direction/despair.

Unlike the ordinary causes of death, suicide has largely non-economical, non-monetary causes, such as lack of:

  • Love
  • Self-acceptance
  • Meaning/Purpose
  • Hope
  • Status
  • Pride/Respect
  • Forgiveness

In part, suicides are a result of a neglect of one another, and of ourselves.

There is a variation of suicide rates among countries, from 1 in a million (e.g., in Kuwait) to 1 in ~4000 (e.g., in China) (according to video quoted above.).

So, this appears to be one of the greater problems for our society to address. The problem appears also related to the problem of Creating Deep Connections and Love in Society.

There are several key things that could already been observed to reduce the suicide rates, and could be copied from other societies, such as:

  • a greater acceptance of failure
  • a higher role for forgiveness
  • a status system that honors intrinsic value over achievement

Ideas how to significantly reduce or solve the suicide rates problem are desired.

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