Reshape Global Governance To Address Global Catastrophic Risks

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The shape of global governance today is very messy and chaotic. It includes intergovernmental organizations (like the United Nations), the governments (that are the main agents in those organizations), the non-governmental actors (such as NGOs, businesses, and others), and individual citizens, who have calls for action in that global governance space. Because of this interconnectedness of our global community, we need to evolve our thinking and come up with new forms of international cooperation.

We need a shape or shapes that are more fit for the purpose to address the complex interconnected problems that our societies face right now. More in-depth analysis, why.

Share ideas (models) of (decision making) to generate solutions, that can be implemented in the near term, and would involve multiple parties, and would be about global cooperation.

For current set of ideas already collected, see: finalists.

More info: The Global Challenges Prize ($5M).

Source: "Global Governance and the New Shape Prize" (by Wanjira Mathai, Maria Ivanova, and Malini Mehra, ambassadors of the Global Challenges Foundation, share their thoughts on the New Shape Prize and the state of global governance today.)

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