"Basic Tax Control"



The idea is to allow citizens to use part of the taxes that citizens pay to governments, to invest freely into companies financed by the investment scheme, where the profits or shares of the companies thus funded are returned to investment/Universal Basic Income, and to address global risks:

The submission proposes a crowd funding and investing scheme in which a certain small amount of taxation is retained by each person of a certain age each month. Every person that receives money needs to invest the received money into the projects created by people, companies, or government according to their personal preferences. Companies financed by the investment scheme need to enter a social-public partnership, either as a percent of their profits or providing shares of a company's ownership. Profits are to be returned to the investment/Universal Basic Income (UBI)-programme. Depending on the project type projects could be given to public ownership in their entirety. Any company that receives this funding and automates its workforce, needs to gradually relinquish control to public ownership. It is a proposal aiming for an affordable way to institute UBI, as well as providing solutions to catastrophic climate change through innovation. Eradicating extreme global poverty through UBI would address population growth. The investment scheme is to be adapted to local circumstances and be scalable. The population would also be given the opportunity to learn more regarding current developments in order to invest, thus increasing their opportunities for self-governance.

by Aleksandar Ristevski at globalchallenges.org


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